The GSW Gaming Championship is a video game defended championship created and promoted by a Council Bluffs, IA based podcast called Get Slammed Wrestling.

Reigns Edit

No. Champion Date Days Held Event Notes
1 Heel- E August 8, 2017 40 GSW SummerSlam WWE 2K17 tournament (Twitch Stream #1) Heel-E Defeated Bowen Arrow in the Finals of the tournament.
2 The Lumber Jake September 17, 2017 27 Twitch Stream #2 The Lumber Jake defeated Heel-E and Jacobs in a Triple Threat match on WWE 2K17
3 Heel-E October 14, 2017 176 Twitch Stream #3 Defeated The Lumber Jake in a WWE 2K18 match
4 The Lumber Jake April 8, 2018 1 Twitch Stream #5 Defeated Heel-E, Crawdaddy, and El Marko Loco in a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match on WWE 2K18 to become the final GSW Gaming Champion.
- Retired April 8, 2018 - - -

Combined Reigns Edit

Rank Champion No. of reigns Combined Days
1 Heel-E 2 216
2 The Lumber Jake 2 28